“In my rave review of Keith Andrew’s Blue Funky Blue a few years ago, I mentioned that contemporary jazz would be more interesting if more artists would dig deeper into more dynamic styles like he does. I also called the disc “adventurous”, never dreaming that this word would be part of the title and the overriding vibe of his latest album, Adventurous Soul, a wild, festive and funky set which takes the concept to even higher levels. The genius of what Andrew and his producer Nils – a renowned #1 artist in his own right – have created is that it perfectly balances instantly hummable melodies, funky grooves and Andrew’s crisp, soulful playing with crazy-fun excursions to unexpected places. There’s a mood for every time of day (“6 AM,” “Crunch Time”), some serious globetrotting (“Samba Dulce,” “Namaste Dance”) and revisits to soul classics we thought we knew but now we know better. Quite simply, this is one of the best contemporary jazz recordings of 2014.”

“Bay area guitarist, Keith Andrew ventures out on his latest project, aptly titledAdventurous Soul. The music on Adventurous Soul straddles the boundaries between funky groove music and inventive jazz guitar. Supported by a fine rhythm section that at times has guest appearances from Jeff Lorber on keyboards and the late drummer Ricky Lawson, Andrew is bluesy and funky throughout yet also melodic and lyrical. Adventurous Soul is a big step forward in Keith Andrew’s career, featuring the accessible guitarist at his best.” 

“The dynamic guitarist Keith Andrew, an electrifying stage presence, has a soft spot for the blues and world music with a smooth jazz base, and he brings those elements – and much more – to his latest CD, Adventurous Soul... a triumphant project stuffed with some of the most engaging smooth jazz of the year. Among Andrew’s influences and mentors is Norman Brown, whose style is evident, including in the sweet and melodic title track, where Brown’s style is reflected in Andrew’s notes and chords. “Love You More,” written and produced by guitarist Nils, features Andrew’s majestic note bending solos, one of best singles of the year, no doubt”. 

Keith, You were so awesome last Saturday night at our venue (Russian River Brewing Company)! The crowd, the staff, and myself were all very impressed and had a great time. Thanks again for putting on an amazing show!

“What first struck me about Keith Andrew was the vitality and vigor to the music. He draws from the diverse Bay Area culture to incorporate world music flavors into his style of jazz for a musical voice that is imaginative and varied, but highly accessible. If you’re looking for staid and boring, move on…if instead you want music that will kindle your senses, Keith Andrew is for you.” – Beth Lewis, SmoothJazz.com

An instant fan of guitarist Keith Andrew from the moment I heard his latest (and perfectly titled) album Blue Funky Blue, I couldn’t wait to check him out in the intimate, jazzy  confines of Spaghettini. It’s a dinner place where you listen to music while you eat or drink, but it may as well been a rock and dance hall because he and his incredible ensemble—featuring the incomparably funky Rodney Taylor on sax—were grooving hard all night. As dynamic as his melodies and guitar lines are on disc, Andrew’s charismatic stage presence and exciting ventures off the main grooves and melodies make him a can’t miss live performer. His set was a cool mix featuring unique twists of songs we thought we knew pretty well (“Tequila”), unique less-often heard cover tunes (Ray Charles’ “Don’t Need No Doctor,” Ivan Neville’s “Do Ya,” Billy Cobham’s “Red Baron”) and spirited originals like “Bubblefunk,” which segued seamlessly and thematically into James Brown’s “Soul Power.” Another highlight was Andrew’s venture into lilting, easy funk reggae territory via his original “Going To Give You My Love.” This was truly a special night by a powerhouse artist who knows how to work a crowd into an appreciative frenzy!

Guitarist Keith Andrew's December 7th Blue Funky Blue CD release party JaZZed Spaghettini to the moon and back again. What a debut!!! His amazing guitar riffs, unique vibe and just-plain-fun stage presence shot this performance out of the park! ~Lynn Olson, LynnJaZZ.com

Guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Keith Andrew brings us a funky, saucy, and smooth offering that is diverse, melodic, and loaded with swagger. This release, Blue Funky Blue, which also features saxman Marcus Anderson and guitarist Rob Tardik on select tracks, boasts a delightful blend of contemporary jazz, fusion, blues, funk, and touches of World, a recipe not unfamiliar to Andrew.

On Blue Funky Blue, you’ll find yourself in the familiar settings of contemporary jazz (e.g., “Pookies Groove”), blues (title track), and funk (“Who Dat, Where You At?”) only to witness a slight detour into exotic areas of World (“Fertile Crescent,” “Sherpadance”) and great fusion (“Little Sierra,” “Makes Me Wonder,” “New Way”). You’ll also find tracks that just do their own thing, defying categorization or pigeonholing (e.g., “Howl Mountain” and the raspy “In the Middle of the Night,” which play with fusion, blues, and rock, as well). The outrageously swinging uptempo bluesy “Who Dat, Said Who Dat?” showcases Andrew’s ability to fire off lightning riffs and directs the spotlight toward the nimble fingers of keyboardist Nate Ginsberg, as well. This piece is jazz/blues on steroids, so hold on to your hats for the ride. Impressive showing of skill for sure.

To say this album is full of emotion and creativity is an understatement. This had to be a true experience for all who participated in the making of this project. I personally wouldn’t say that Blue Funky Blue is as comprehensively bluesy and funky as its title might suggest, but if you want creativity, diversity, and totally impressive musicianship, open this door. You’ll find that you’re in the right place. 

“Keith Andrew is not afraid to dig deeper into more dynamic styles the way he does on his extraordinarily well-played and adventurous new disc Blue Funky Blue. He made himself a name in smooth jazz with a few previous in the pocket contemporary jazz albums, but reflective of his recent live performances, he has a blast incorporating rich tastes of the blues, world music and old school funk that have defined his musical education and professional endeavors over the years. Some say the joy of being an indie artist is that it’s liberating, that you can please the audience the way you want to without corporate influence and market research. Keith perfectly embodies that spirit of the independent artist as he shows the different dynamics and versatility of his great playing on electric and acoustic guitar. – Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

"If you have been contemplating adding a great new contemporary jazz CD to your collection, you will not go wrong with Keith Andrew’s latest!" - CD Baby




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